Found her on TER. Booked through her website. It was nice to get a call from her and not some secretary. Personal touches count. Everything went well. I went to her in-call. It was nice, tidy, clean, and smelled nice. 


I have allergies and am allergic to pets and I wasn’t triggered. When I arrived, she was dressed to kill. Fuck me high heels, her body was pristine, her outfit screamed sexuality. The night was divine. I have her booked once each month after the visit. I was not expecting anything to come of this encounter other than the obvious. She staked claims in me in the best way possible. 



The details are as followed: In-call was superior to most other In-calls I have been in. It felt cozy, relaxing, and orderly. 


I wanted to have a wife-encounter, which is basically a GFE with a dose of domestic love. She knew her stuff about being a good housewife. When I got in, tired from work, she took off my shoes and socked, washed my feet with water, then treated me to a tongue bath, from feet all the way up. She didn’t blanch at it. It felt natural. The whole thing felt natural. As if we had been doing this type of tradition on the regular for some time. 



She finished with a DFK. And some more DFK. When I was laying on the bed, she slipped down my body, tracing my flesh between her nimble fingers, until she got to my cock. I believe the order was TTM and then BBBJ, but I don’t quite remember it. Not because it was not memorable, but because so many things were happening and I was just so in the zone, letting her do her thing.



She did Spanish / Russian. I came all over her wonderful breasts. They were man-made and probably the apex of surgical precision. Flawless. She cleaned her breasts off and then cleaned my cock off. So, a variation of CIMWS. She milked me afterward, just making sure I was good and clean. You know, the annoying excess? She got it.



We talked for a good long while. She was not a clock watcher. The practice makes me nervous and it is hard to perform, but more importantly, it is hard to be immersed in any kind of variation of GFE when your GF is so eager for you to leave. I get what it is. But, it is still a personal dislike of mine. Grae did not exhibit any of these behaviors. She continued to worship my cock through the downtime until it was good and ready. Even treated me to a foot job. What a good wife.



When I was ready she got right on top of me and CG’ed and RCG’ed and finally let me cum right into her ass. It was a fitting end period.