I set up a two-hour visit in-call after booking with her on her website and getting a quick turnaround. I prefer in-calls over hotels because, frankly, I don’t know, the whole thing makes me kind of nervous. 


I made an outfit request that she happily accepted. She answered her door in a schoolgirl uniform clutching her lovely figure. It really was something. Smoking hot. And she played the part better than I have seen others. She had a massive submissive side that was insatiable. Huge recommendation. She is worth the money, every little bit of it! I have no doubt she can do many, many other themes than just this one. I will find out eventually and keep you all posted! Her in-call was better than my hotel room – which is saying something-. Very private, discrete, clean! The only thing more immaculate than her in-call was her.  


Clearly, I went to her because of her exceptional looks. She is a very beautiful woman of mixed heritage. She also, obviously, has a keen interest in wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Which was stellar. I read her reviews, and almost all were favorable. Wasn’t too off-putting. When we met, she was already in character which was unasked for but greatly wanted. Really helped sell the illusion that I wanted. She just had this voice to her, it immediately made the fantasy come to life. She knew her stuff. She was extra enticing, yummy even, she knew how to warm me up, and she knew what she was doing. 


She acted like a seasoned professional. She knew what she was doing. Her kisses tasted sweet, her hands extra exploratory… timid, shy, but wanting. REALLY got into the role. It was everything I sought and much more. She really rubbed me down, sampling my body before she set to undress me. 


She wasn’t just hungry, she was eager, and I really liked the vibe she put on. 

It was almost like she paid for me, really. being adorable as she sated herself on my body. Her hands were on my dick pretty fast, but not without that wonderful build-up that really went with the character role type she was trying to convey. But when I was primed and ready, she set to me with such thirst that it was intoxicating. It was hard for me to match her energy, but I did my best. I remember at one point I was thinking ‘Holy hell, am I even able to keep up with her!?’. I think I managed pretty well. She was not unappreciative with how I responded to her. It is wild to say this, but her submissiveness really spurred my dominance in a way I didn’t think I was even capable of. 


We went to bed and she treated my dick to a very nice, long, calm blowjob. It lasted a long time. She noticed I loved her tongue and she definitely put that into the mix also. I wasn’t complaining. I feel that if she thought I wanted something else, she would have picked up on it and gone for that. She was very perceptive. Read me like a fucking book. 


The BJ’s were BBBJ’s and it was the all-coveted BBBJTC – which was just fucking great. 


After that, we had sex. It was slow at first, really priming me up. It felt amazing. I don’t think I have ever had a tighter pussy. It was like a vise grip on my cock. Truly sensation. We picked up momentum and we just started to fuck wildly. I wanted her in the worst way. I was fucking her and yet I still wanted to fuck her even more, if that makes sense. I just needed her in the worst possible way. And she was very accommodating to my whims in that department. 


I remember it perfectly when we transitioned to anal, she looked back at me while I was fucking her and she said ‘I have never had it in my ass before’ in the most spectacular that for a fucking second there, I almost believed her. Of course, I didn’t. Duh! But, damn did I pop her fictional anal cherry. 


I left satisfied. I will be booking her again. All around positive experiences.