I have had my eye on her for some time. I decided to push through a meeting for one hour. I set up everything from her website. It lead to a brief phone call and verification and references. It was smooth and easy. She was prompt and deliberate without being hasty, pushy or off-putting. I really enjoyed our conversation. I wanted more right then and there. She didn’t know it but I put in for an extra hour on a whim merely from the way she handled herself. I came to her in-call a few days later. She was waiting for me. She was eager. When she opened the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a smorgasbord for my eyes. 


Pure orgy of perfection.


She was dressed in the most intoxicating form-fitting latex outfit. It hugged her body like a second skin. A glove that fit three sizes too small. But it didn’t look uncomfortable. It looked like it was made specifically for her in mind. She wore it like a regal empress. I looked at her pictures and really did my studying on he, but I realized that no picture could capture perfection, my very eyes couldn’t get enough of her smooth skin.


And it felt immaculate. It was perfect beyond perfect. Had I expected what I was going to see, I probably wouldn’t have looked like a fucking dumb ass standing outside her door. She ushered me inside with a cute little smirk. And a deep, mindblowing kiss. I was truly unprepared for such a raunchy greeting. A kiss is passionate, sexy, or intoxicating. This one was simply pornographic. It smacked of the same vibe of getting a sensational blowjob. She was very in charge, she knew exactly what I wanted, but it wasn’t in a mean or obnoxious way. I have had females who thought that just being annoying conveyed power. Grey was refined, classy, and exuded domination. It was perfect. It is hard for me to figure out a proper word. So, sorry in advance. Perfect will be often used.


She could sense that I was nervous. Very nervous. I never expected to be in the same room as someone like her. Again, saw her pictures, they did no justice for her. She isn’t just physically pleasing to the eyes, her very essence, the aura that radiated from her, a woman fully in possession of her femininity and allure. Honestly, the best way I can put it is that taking a picture of a raunchy sex scene in porn doesn’t properly convey the atmosphere that is richly given through movement and live action of the sex that ensues.


She is intelligent as she is marvelous. The conversation was informative and entertaining and the chemistry was spot on and never lost that undercurrent of sensuousness. I never knew a simple conversation would make me hard as a rock. Sure, she was rather lewd and always kept the erotic scene dialed to an 11, but god, her voice, the way she weaved words was as magical as her touches on my trembling body. Truly, she had me under a spell, mesmerized, hypnotized.  I felt tensed by my horniness, but relaxed by her sheer presence. I had never wanted someone so much before and the way that she kept me on edge is surely the reason man fell victim to the power of a woman in the first place.


I got down onto my knees, not from anything she said. Her entire body language just melted me to the floor. I knew what she wanted. She was wearing wonderful bandage black stiletto heels, perhaps the best choice as far as footwear goes. Personal preference, of course. She crooked a foot upward and I slowly removed it. I kissed her lovely feet. Soft, perfect, and absolutely immaculate.


I spent the majority of my time on her feet. I licked and sucked them and worshiped them. They were absolutely meant to be worshiped. She used those feet on my dick.


Of course, after cumming against her soft feet, I spent the next bit basking in her wonderment. She cleaned up, using her fingers to suckle my cum like it was candy. We talked. I learned a lot about her. I told her stuff I generally don’t talk about. She was open, real, and honest. All people are real people but she was realer than most.


Beyond satisfied with her feet, we went to having sex. I put on a condom, DFKed while we fucked. Mish. CG. The normal culprits. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Just went with what felt great. And, honestly, it was all great. Perfect. I went straight for lazy doggie and then doggie. Her ass was wonderful as a fucked it.


Thank you thank you thank you. Perfect 11s all the way down the board. Can’t give you that. But in my heart, you are an 11, and your feet. Fuck, I would worship them all day every day if I could.