What can I say about her that hasn’t been said before? She was delightfully delicious in such a profound way. I really enjoyed my time with her. She was elegant, professional, and just a sweetheart. Super stellar body also. Cannot stress the eye appeal, but she was very friendly and sensual. Just a great package. I encourage anyone to give her the time of day, you will not be disappointed.


I was greeted with the warmest tender and sexually intoxicating hug of my life. Her eyes were stellar, just intelligent, and friendly, but fuck, she had this allure to her that I cannot quite explain. It was that wonderful mix of sensual and sexual, not quite lewd but lewd enough. Her in-call was just phenomenal. No issues there. 


We went to the couch and went right on too it, not rushed, I was more the initiator than not. Can you blame me? Look at her pictures. Who wouldn’t want to make their time worthwhile? This isn’t to say that we didn’t talk and enjoy each other’s company but you aren’t reading this because you want to know the details of our conversation. Her DFK was spectacular. Really got to the core of things, ya know? 


She got my pants off with a combination of my help and her eagerness. She was pretty thorough on the BBBJ. It was rather intense and we somehow found ourselves on her bed. Don’t know how we managed, but when there is a will there is way. Her body was elegant and sensational. Breasts, a heart stopper. Natural and perky. 


I am a fan on man-made and natural, truth be told. We maneuvered to 69. I was very fixated on her pussy. It was delicious. Truly, a treat on my taste buds. There was certain unique taste about her. Not bad. Just entirely brand new. Seriously sexy. She was skilled and very versatile in her movements and service. We got down to the fucking. And that wasn’t enough, her cowgirl was amazing. She was more than an expert. It was a divine sight. 


Nothing like a sizzling body in motion. I have read reviews on her and they aint lying, she knows the subtle intricacies of what makes a guy cum. 


I was rewarded with a nice nut after bringing her to quite the explosive multi orgasms myself. Nothing is more satisfying than satisfying your partner. It was a true blue honest to god GFE. It was very sexy. She knew what she was doing. I cannot stress that enough. 


An hour was not enough, I assure you. If you get her, two hours. You will not regret the splurge. 


Final rundown is as followed: 


Her personality is addictive. You want more. 


In-call – Zero complaints.

Skills – Otherworldly.