It was set up like an ordinary call. Booked, and called to confirm. Vetted. The stuff you have heard a million times. Onto the fun still. We met in the In-call. It was spacious, it was pristine, I even made a joke about how it should be an AirBnB.


I was greeted with a tender hug. It was refreshing and comforting, I knew that this was going to be the woman for me the moment she wrapped herself in me. It was welcoming, kind, and gentle. The only thing not gentle about it was the way she salaciously pressed against my body. She was in a sumptuous, lacey number that left just enough to the imagination that it was particularly dangerous. We kissed and she invited me inside. VIP read on.



Inside, me and her made it to the couch. We only got there because of her expert ability to guide an all hands on client toward the destination. The hug complimented with grinding was enough to bring out the animalistic side in me. She responded to my hunger with her own. She was insatiable. Every DFK I gave her, she returned with three of her own. I was not pushy. I was very respectful. I was also very aware that she was matching and superseding me in my lusts. 


Ordinarily, it takes me some time to settle into the atmosphere, to get the measure of what was what, but I didn’t need any of that build-up with her. She was very responsive to my eagerness. It was a round-up of pornographic lurid lust. I don’t know how long we spent just absorbing each other’s body. I was all hands and so was she. It was easily the most intense heavy petting I had ever encountered. 



We stumbled on the couch and I was all hands and lips and mouth and tongue. It was a beast. Not forceful, but very appreciative of her exquisite physical form. She was all over me too. She is a sensation, an expert with her body entirely. There was not an inch of her body that she did not use to provoke me to absolute desperate lust. I am talking about her hands, arms, breasts — God, the way she smothered me with those man-made breasts, what a treat. 


There was quite literally no single inch I didn’t get to explore before we even considered sex. She moved like a snake, slithering on me. I always imagined this is what having a gymnast would be like. Lean and tight yet strong and flexible. She tasted like bliss in my mouth, when she allowed me the luxury of relishing in her mouth. I am torn to rate one thing over the other. The entire lewdness was high class. An experience I never had before. Ever. She expertly stripped me bare, allowing me to do the same for her. She had to help in some areas though. Kind of hard to operate properly when the only thing you are focused on is sampling the delights of a body as intense as hers.  



I don’t know how long past. And, really, I don’t even know how we ended up in her bed. I mean, I always heard of being drunk on lust, each action provoked by the underline of wanting more and more, but I never succumbed to it. It isn’t a physical thing, its like being intoxicated in the mind. To be fair, if she didn’t lead me to the bed, I would have taken her anywhere in her place. Couch. In front of the door. 


The carpet. Sure, my knees would hate me afterward if we did the carpet thing but whatever. 



In her bed, I set to my taste of eating her pussy out. She wrapped her dainty legs around me, I could feel her feminine wanton lusts pull me into her. She was magnificent. She tasted like ambrosia. I had her nectar drooling from my mouth. I mean, just everywhere. Just so fucking wonderful that I could have come without her assistance. She brought me up for a lewd lurid lusty kiss. 


Our moans were only drowned out by the sound of magical sex. The kind you hear everybody talking about – and let’s face it, fuck those guys, they are definitely lying, gotta be.



She set to motion, really just taking me for a ride. She did CG and RCG. 



Her asshole was so fucking tight too. Hard to imagine, her sweet tasty pussy was already a thing to write home about, but damn, her ass, fine as wine. Doggie was just as pleasant an experience as watching those breasts work their magic in my face when she Cged the fuck out of me. 



I came doing Doggie. 



We took a break. And went at it again, a lot less lewd and passionate, more slow and tender. It was, what I like to call, afterglow sex. She got all that passion out of us, it was quite exhausting for me. 



A lot of the last portion was fantastically slow and romantic. A lot of Mish, DFK, a lot of eye contact, and a lot of sexy dirty talk too. 



She is an unexpected treat for me. I will never forget and while I will be seeing her again in a few months, I am concerned that she will not be able to replicate what happened that night. It was unique and magical and I just doubt such a thing is even possible, not even by her. 



But I am surely going to fucking find out. How could I not?